Welcome to StoryChuck

So you found this place. Good. Welcome. Enjoy. But just one thing …

Don’t expect much.

Now that I’ve (hopefully) lowered your expectations, let me explain why. See, I’ve had a few blogs over the years and invariably they all follow the same pattern:

  1. I start the blog, excited, and post a lot.
  2. A few weeks go by and I realize I haven’t posted for a while.
  3. So I renew my commitment to blogging and force myself to make at least a post a week.
  4. After another few weeks I realize I’m just forcing myself to write about things I have no interest in solely for the sake of posting something.
  5. I lose interest in the whole thing.
  6. A few months go by and I take the blog down, feeling a bit like a failure.

This pattern led me to the conclusion I’m not cut out to blog. That blogging is not my thang. But still, on occasion, there’s been this yearning to blog. Unfortunately I didn’t really have a place to do it.

Well, here I go again. This time my approach is a bit different. There’s no plan for regular posts. No urge to fall in the same pattern.

My expectations are low.

And that’s why I asked you to not expect much here.

What I’ll Post

The primary purpose of this blog is to help publicize my fiction writing. I’ll make posts about new releases (when I remember to do it). I’ll put up free fiction (occasionally and inconsistently). And I’ll post whenever the mood strikes on whatever topic is in my head at the moment. Except for the topic of programming.

See, I have this other blog, Laravel Coding that covers the the topic of programming.

Anything else besides programming is fair game here.


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