I’ve been quiet here for a while because I’ve been working hard on a new system, BundleRabbit.

BundleRabbit – A DIY Ebook Bundling Service

It’s a new place I plan on submitting my fiction. So now, along with Amazon, Kobo, etc., I’ll upload new stories to BundleRabbit.com.

For authors, it’s a way to find new readers. See, by bundling together with other authors, their fans become your readers. More info…

For readers, it’s a great way to save money. Readers can decide what the bundle is worth and pay accordingly. And when buying a whole bundle of ebooks, it’s easy to come across someone you’ve never read before. It’s a way to discover new authors you like.

A curator is the person who assembles the bundle, a total DIY process. The cool thing here is curators can create something unique following their own vision of what they want to bundle. More info…

The first ebook bundle went live on April 15th, and now in less than a month’s time over 200 authors have signed up and uploaded almost 300 books.

BundleRabbit has three bundles going right now:

All these bundles are only on sale for a limited time, so be sure and check them out.

It’s pretty amazing.


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